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  • Laverton
In Progress / Under Construction
  • Overall:
    $1.6 million

Wyndham City is redeveloping and reopening the motocross track at Lawrie Emmins Reserve in Laverton North.

The $1.6 million redevelopment of the Lawrie Emmins Motocross Track will provide residents with a safe and legal motorcycling facility, catering to riders of all abilities.

Features will include:

  • Intermediate motocross track,
  • Junior track,
  • Accessible toilets,
  • Site office,
  • Car park, and
  • Safety upgrades



Construction is currently underway, on track for a mid-2020 re-opening. Works are being delivered by ACE Contractors.


International motorcycling champion Steve Martin has been appointed as the operator of the track, under the banner of City MX – a significant milestone in the redevelopment of this track.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, and a successful career as a champion motorcyclist, Martin’s knowledge and skills will contribute to ensuring the track is one for motorcross lovers to embrace.

More information on the new operator visit Motocross Mecca For Laverton North.

Keep up to date on the redevelopment of Lawrie Emmins Motocross Reserve

Information via Wyndham City Project Team

Information via Steve Martin/CityMX

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