Wyndham City introduced a portfolios system in 2013, with a goal of focussing extra attention on the key priority areas of our City.

Each of the 12 portfolios is chaired by a Councillor, and supported by Council staff and a Committee of residents with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of their portfolios.

Meeting four times a year over the duration of the Council term, the Committees provide advice on a range of strategies and policies that contribute to making Wyndham a great place to live, work and play.   

Safer Communities

Safer Communities Portfolio Logo

The Safer Communities portfolio holder is Cr Heather Marcus. This portfolio and its committee focusses on the safety of Wyndham residents, working with other organisations like Victoria Police, Crime Stoppers, Neighbourhood Watch and the CFA, to explore and improve perceptions of safety across Wyndham.

This portfolio also covers the development of policies and strategies to make Wyndham feel safer. Among the projects being worked on under this portfolio are: the development of a Gender Equity Strategy as the City’s response to family violence, providing advice for the planned Justice Precinct, the Youth Justice Centre and more. 

Crime Prevention Tip

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity Porfolio Logo

The Cultural Diversity portfolio holder is Chaffey Ward Cr Henry Barlow. Wyndham is proud to be home to residents who have come from across the world, and this portfolio celebrates and promotes the many different cultures we have.

Over the course of this Council term, the portfolio will explore new ways to share the inspiring members of our community while showcasing the rich cultural diversity we have amongst us.

Family Friendly City

Family Friendly City Logo

The Family Friendly City portfolio holder is Iramoo Ward Cr Mia Shaw. This portfolio focusses on making Wyndham a better place for all residents, regardless of their age, gender, cultural background, or socio-economic status.

Developing a strong sense of community, encouraging and celebrating volunteering, children, families and the elderly are areas that the portfolio will focus on over this term, as the Committee works towards creating a welcoming, accessible and safe Wyndham for all residents.

Future Focussed Economy

Future Focussed Economy Logo

The Future Focussed Economy portfolio holder is Chaffey Ward Cr Walter Villagonzalo. This portfolio explores emerging economic trends on a local, national and global level in order to plan for the City’s future, while working to establish Werribee as the new capital of the west.

Over this term, the portfolio Committee will provide advice on the development of strategies and policies focussing on employment, attracting new industries to Wyndham, and developing businesses.

Learning City

Learning City Logo

The Learning City portfolio holder is Cr Josh Gilligan. Community education, training, libraries, youth participation and advocating for more schools in Wyndham are key focus areas of this portfolio. By better understanding the diverse educational needs of residents in Wyndham, this portfolio aims to ensure Wyndham residents have access to high quality education regardless of their background.

During this four-year term, the Committee will provide advice and help develop the Wyndham Library Strategy 2018-2040, the Youth Plan 2018-2022 and promote youth civic participation.   

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Logo

The Environment and Sustainability portfolio holder is Iramoo Ward’s Cr Heather Marcus. Habitat conservation, recycling, sustainability, and trees are among the many areas of responsibility for this portfolio. The portfolio also focuses on pet and animal ownership.

The portfolio’s key focus over this Council term is the development of the City & Habitat Strategy, the Integrated Water Cycle Management, and a number of community engagement activities

Smart City

Smart City Logo

The Smart City portfolio holder is Harrison Ward’s Cr Aaron An. The concept of Smart Cities is gaining momentum across the world, and Wyndham is proud to be involved. This portfolio explores how Wyndham can explore and embrace new and emerging technologies to change the way in which we operate.

The portfolio aims to find new ways to become a more connected community and form partnerships to address issues and planning problems across Wyndham by the collection and analysis of data. Over the course of this Council term the portfolio will be working on a range of projects, including the development of the City’s Smart City Strategy. 

Tourism & Major Events

Tourism & Major Events Portfolio Logo

The Tourism and Major Events portfolio holder is Chaffey Ward’s Cr John Gibbons. This portfolio celebrates the many tourism attractions Wyndham has to offer, while exploring ways we can continue to attract visitors to the region.

This portfolio will also been responsible for the development of strategies to capitalise on Wyndham’s natural assets and local attractions to raise the municipality’s profile and attract major events to the area.

Sports Development

Sports Development Portfolio Logo

The Sports Development portfolio holder is Iramoo Ward’s Mayor, Cr Peter Maynard. This portfolio is responsible for investigating the different ways in which Wyndham can support the community’s health and wellbeing by encouraging active lifestyles.

The portfolio also aims to provide as much support to existing and emerging sporting clubs, in a bid to encourage our residents to lead a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of their gender, age, cultural, or socio-economic background. The portfolio will also develop policies and strategies including the Wyndham Sport Strategy and the revision of the Wyndham Leisure Strategy.  

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Arts, Culture and Heritage Portfolio Logo

The Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolio holder is Harrison Ward’s Cr Tony Hooper. The portfolio embraces the local arts community to support and encourage creativity in the community. Public art projects, community art education and skill development are just some of the many areas covered by this portfolio.

The portfolio also aims to conserve and celebrate local heritage.    

Urban Futures

Urban Futures Portfolio Logo

The Urban Futures portfolio holder is Cr Intaj Khan. This portfolio has a goal of making Wyndham more liveable as our population continues to soar. Urban design, financial planning, along with meeting the needs of our growing community are among the focuses of Urban Futures.

The portfolio also assists in advocating to state and federal government for critical public transport, roads, and other infrastructure. 

Growth and Transport

Growth and Transport Portfolio Logo

The Growth and Transport portfolio holder is the Mayor of the day. This portfolio takes on the difficult task of managing growth in our rapidly growing City. The portfolio focusses on ways to manage the growth, and looking at the municipality as a whole to investigate how integrated planning can be applied to accommodate growth.

It also aims to ensure that development is sustainable and the transport needs of the community are met, and the liveability is improved. 

Appointment of Community Representatives to the Wyndham City Portfolio Committees

In January 2017, Wyndham City sought nominations from community representatives to join its twelve newly-established Portfolio Committees.

Following an extensive assessment process, 72 individuals have been recommended for appointment across the twelve Portfolio Committees and were endorsed at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 7 March 2017.

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