Art makes your house a home…

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Co-curated by Ayesha Dharmabandu and Paul Zahra

Art makes a house a home – and you’re invited over to ours, virtually; to discover the artists and creatives in our community. This digital exhibition is a celebration of how much the arts community in Wyndham has grown while creating a space to talk about art, creativity and community.

Co-curated by emerging curators and community members Ayesha Dharmabandu and Paul Zahra, OPEN HOUSE celebrated what makes Wyndham great and invites artists and emerging curators in the community to create a home inside the virtual gallery walls.

Featuring artists Angela Hickey, Duain Kelaart, Stephanie Lenehan, Catherine Mackay, Dean Patchett, Crystal Peterlin, Stephanie Prole, Michelle Ripari, Jeff San Augustin (aka Vigilante Creative), and Moreen Wellington Lyons;

For any queries or additional information, please email curator Caroline Esbenshade at

Image: Crystal Peterlin - Conscious Being


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