The OneWyndham family consists of young people who have demonstrated ingenuity and positive accomplishments within the Wyndham Community.

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Katie Du

Meet Katie

A Passion for People and Community


Katie has been an active member of the Wyndham Ambassadors Multi Cultural Youth (WAMY) for the past three years and is part of the crew that initiated and continues to run in partnership with Wyndham Youth Services Harmony Day, Refugee Week, Candlelight Ceremony, Wyndham Humanitarian Network Youth Holiday programs, Heal the World Festival and has assisted recruiting young people for the Wyndham Refugee Week and Harmony Day Multi Cultural Runway.  She also assists young people with their homework at two homework programs.

Katie is a youth representative on the Wyndham Humanitarian Network Youth and assists staff to plan the Holiday Program and helps them to present when they promote programs to the Western English Language School and Victoria University. 

Katie’s involvement with WAMY has helped develop her public speaking, leadership, networking, verbal and written communication skills. 

A great mentor and role model for her younger siblings, Katie is currently doing a Certificate IV in Youth Work with RMIT and aspires to do her Bachelors in Social Work.  Talking with Katie, you can hear her passion for people and community.

This is Katie

She is OneWyndham

Dylan Marshall

OneWyndham - Dylan Marshall

Meet Dylan,

Dylan is an exemplary Wyndham resident who has worked hard to reach where he is today.  He is currently completing a Bachelor of Education from Victoria University.  

He is also a member of the Wyndham Task Force and serves much of his time in mentoring young people around Wyndham and was also been part of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp in 2016.

Dylan enjoys writing literature as a hobby, where his love of literature took him to the United Kingdom three years ago to further investigate his passion.

Dylan is a model citizen of Wyndham and is a young person who has shown how active citizenship can promote a positive image of youth of Wyndham.

This Dylan

He is OneWyndham

Jumess and Agnes

Meet Jumess and Agnes

Meet Jumess and Agnes

Jumess with the support and passion of her peers Agnes and Pascaline, started the movement Afro Fever in 2018 to showcase African heritage and shut down the negative stereotypes associated with the media, using terms like “African gang” and to bring people together.

Initially starting as a school project based in Tarneit, the group of young people spearheaded the movement into the community by hosting a cross-cultural BBQ event. Their grassroots initiative involved door-knocking invitations to members of the community, preparing and running the local BBQ, which was a huge success. They did this whilst completing year 12 at high school and transitioning into university the following year.
Pursuing their passions for criminology at university and contemplating future goals as many other young people do, doesn’t stop them from continuing to be involved in Afro Fever and speaking on issues that affect them/African young people through events, dance, poetry and maintaining an online presence via Instagram (@afro_fever_au).

They speak about their big goals in life, about making a positive impact on people’s lives in some way, shape or form.

“If you can’t change the media, go to the people…. Being African is not a badge of shame” – Jumess and Agnes

This is Jumess and Agnes.

They are OneWyndham

Jobeline Madrid


Meet Jobeline

An aspiring Dental Student

Jobeline now a third-year science student at the University of Melbourne and works as a Dentist assistant, has a strong sense of community values especially within her Filipino community.

Jobeline was instrumental in organising Easter, Christmas and New Year’s gatherings to encourage Filipino families living in the suburbs of Tullamarine, Keilor East and Craigieburn to adopt a sense of belonging within their communities. She says, the gatherings have continued as more people brought along their family and friends to the occasion. Jobeline also says the gatherings provided an opportunity for the Filipino community to meet others within their community and to show they have the support of others.

Jobeline was part of the Lords Mayors Charitable Foundation, Youth in Philanthropy and they would allocate funding grants to different charities across Melbourne ranging from circus training to music training.

Jobeline has volunteered for Warringa Park School working with young people with disabilities and says they were such a joy to work with.

Jobeline is currently a speaker with the Youth for Christ and finds this experience new and inspiring.

During secondary college Jobeline says she never failed to submit applications for leadership roles because she says it’s something she’s always loved doing because she likes teaching and working with her peers.

This is Jobeline

She is OneWyndham

Kai Seymon

Kai Seymon

Meet Kai

WOW!  Entrepreneur at 12

An entrepreneur at 12 years of age, Kai’s initiative has not only helped himself but other children and adults with dyslexia, anxiety, learning and concentration challenges. Kai makes and sells tactile ‘fidgets’ by repurposing and reshaping bicycle chains. His fidgets help to decrease anxiety for many as well as improve concentration by allowing the brain to filter out extra sensory information.

Kai promotes and sells his products directly, online, via markets, expos and he also has products available in Guf and Gift Givers which are local stores in Werribee.

Amongst his many accolades, he is an ambassador for the My Special Child Organisation. In September 2018 Kai was a recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as part of a 12 month National Kids in Business Mentoring program. Kai also featured in our local Wyndham Star and Women in Business Organisation a national Magazine.

This is Kai

He is OneWyndham

Nayomi Whiripo

Nayomi Whiripo

Meet Nayomi

So young, so dedicated

Whoever says that you’re too young to help others, needs to have a chat with this young person. 

As an avid STORM supporter, Nayomi has been supporting the local Werribee Bears Rugby League Clubrooms during the league season by helping out as a ball girl, picking up rubbish at the end of the day, handling the canteen’s cash register and helping the Women’s tag team with their equipment. 

Every fortnight, Nayomi and her mum dedicate their time as volunteers for Awhi Melbourne and travel to Batman Park in Melbourne’s CBD to help distribute food parcels and clothing to the homeless. Awhi Melbourne is a not for profit organisation established by a local community member that aims to help some of Melbourne’s homeless people by collecting, collating and distributing food parcels and clothing fortnightly on Sundays at Batman Park.  

Even at a very young age, you can see the compassion and kindness Nayomi has for other people, particularly when she speaks about the relationships she has established with the homeless people.

This is Nayomi.

She is OneWyndham

James Kot

James Kot

Meet James - Overcoming barriers with hard work and determination. 

Five years ago, James arrived in Australia from Sudan at the age of fifteen and only speaking Dinka and Arabic. He enrolled in a six-month English language class to learn basic English and then in 2016, he undertook another English course at the Victoria Polytechnic to further progress his competency in the English language.

Despite language and cultural barriers, James persevered and got involved in many programs at his school. He learnt a lot about Australia through the many friends he made and by being actively involved in the wider community. He is now a fulltime university student determined to become a Human Rights Lawyer.

As a Wyndham resident, James has also contributed well to the local community through his involvement with Mi Care’s Wyndham Ambassadors Multi-Cultural Youth (W.A.M.Y) Committee in 2014. WAMY advocates on behalf of the newly arrived young migrants and works in partnership with Wyndham City Youth Services to host annual Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (C.A.L.D) community group events such as Harmony Day, Refugee Week and the Candlelight Ceremony.

James is the co-founder of the Wyndham Youth United Soccer team which is under the Wyndham Sports Youth Leadership and Network and was formed to address the growing interest of the newly arrived young people to be involved in sports, specifically soccer. His vision is to engage young people in the local community and to have this team fully established with uniforms, equipment and to eventually be a part of the local soccer league. This team participated in the local Youth Cup Festival event hosted by Wyndham Youth Services in October 2018.

James is also involved in many other local committees and community groups that aim to support newly arrived young migrants – a true testament to his determination to make a difference in the Wyndham community.

This is James.

He is OneWyndham

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