Wyndham City is proud to announce Murad Mamiyo as the recipient for One Wyndham March.

Murad has been actively volunteering for the Wyndham Bright Young Leaders program for the past three years. He is a positive role model and has encouraged and empowered many young people to join the program.  

Through volunteering, Murad has developed and built his confidence, public speaking and event organisation skills and now proudly hosts and MC’s at Wyndham Bright Young Leaders events and online sessions.

Murad enjoys being an active member of the Wyndham community and meeting new people and hearing their stories.

He has dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and later on joining the legal profession as a judge.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre said: “Murad is a fantastic role model. He has embraced his volunteering role and has made a positive difference to many young people.”

“He has shown determination in building his public speaking skills and is now confidently presenting as an MC.”

“Wyndham City thanks and appreciates the contribution Murad has made and continues to make to the Wyndham community.”

One Wyndham recipients are residents aged between 12 and 25 who positively contribute to the Wyndham community and are role models to other young people.

Each month Council selects a Wyndham resident to be awarded the ‘Young Person of the Month’.

Winners are awarded a $300 gift voucher of their choice and other prizes.

For more information about Youth Services One Wyndham Project, go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services/awards-competitions/one-wyndham

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