Wyndham City has been included as a UNESCO Global Network Learning City.

The prestigious title was awarded to the City because UNESCO acknowledged Council’s work in helping residents improve their learning outcomes and its commitment to building a Learning City.

Being a UNESCO Global Network Learning City (GNLC) means Wyndham is part of a top-quality learning network, bringing great opportunities for working with other cities and sharing knowledge across the world.

Learning City portfolio holder Josh Gilligan said the title supports Wyndham residents in the practice of lifelong learning.

“Wyndham City strongly believes learning is fundamental to the future wellbeing, prosperity and sense of belonging for the people of Wyndham, across all life stages.”

“We have been active in the City learning space by developing Learning Community Strategies and implementing their actions since 2010.”

“To retain the UNESCO GNLC status, Council will report back to UNESCO on how it is improving learning across the municipality every two years.”

“UNESCO GNLC members are able to share ideas and view the work of other member cities are involved in and participate in GNLC conferences and meetings.”

“The membership opens up Wyndham’s networks so we can connect with other GNLC members and share ideas or even form partnerships on a local or international level.”

“As part of the UNESCO GNLC, we will ensure our learning facilities, such as kinders and libraries are inclusive and equitable and advocate for schools and other education centres to do the same.

“The focus of the network is making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

“The advantages to continuing to learn includes individual empowerment, social cohesion, and economic and cultural prosperity.”

Cr Gilligan and Library and Community Learning staff have been actively involved in pursuing membership of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities and played a key role in the development of the 2018-2023 Learning Community Strategy.

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