In just six weeks the Wyndham Community has worked with Council, local GPs and Western Health to supercharge vaccinations and dramatically reduce outbreaks.

Wyndham City owned venues, such as the Civic Centre, Eagle Stadium and Encore Events Centre have delivered more than 40,000 jabs and more than 75 percent of the Wyndham community has received their first dose of the vaccine.

That compares to 49 percent in early August, when the city was lagging behind the rest of the State.

In August last year, Wyndham had more than 1,000 active cases at the height of the second wave. Now, fighting a far more contagious variant, we have 501 active cases.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich said these results were a testament to what could be achieved when communities worked together.

“What this shows us is that our community is strongly committed to doing the right thing. Our residents have learnt from last year, they know what to do,” she said.

“We’ve always known that our community, with its disproportionate levels of young people and casualised and essential workers, was particularly susceptible to the virus.”

“But this year, unlike in other areas, we have not seen the numbers rise exponentially. That shows that our community knows what to do and has a genuine commitment to doing the right thing,” Cr Hegedich said.

“Since the pandemic began, Wyndham City has looked beyond its traditional local government role to support the community.”

“In the most recent outbreak, we’ve delivered food relief to 1600 individuals isolating, and thousands more over the past 18 months. We’ve worked closely with community leaders.”

“We’ve provided community connecter programs and Check-in and Chat for those needing someone to talk to and we’ve continued to improve our City, delivering capital works projects,” Cr Hegedich said.

Over the next few weeks, increasing numbers of vaccines will also be available at local pharmacies.

“We’ve stepped up and played a role by working to make vaccinations more accessible to our community. We’ve done this by providing spaces for high volume vaccination by Western Health, and of course, for our local GPs by allowing them to administer the vaccine more quickly and efficiently.”

“We’re also working closely with Western Health on an outreach program to ensure everybody has access to the vaccine – regardless of age, cultural background, religion, or socio-economic status.”

“We’ve got plans to build on these efforts as pharmacies begin administering the vaccine, by providing Council facilities to our pharmacies to vaccinate the community – removing the pressures of a smaller retail setting and allowing them to book more people in each day.”

“I am so proud of our community and the role it is playing keeping everyone safe. Thanks to all our partners who have helped support them and let’s give it one last push as we enter the home straight,” Cr Hegedich said.

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