Wyndham City recently hosted a forum on affordable housing at Encore Events Centre.

Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre opened the forum, held last month, and a panel of four affordable housing professionals volunteered their time to share their thoughts and ideas.

The panellists were Robert Pradolin from Housing All Australians, Rachel Hornsby from Hornsby & Co and Shorna Moore and Glen Dyke from Melbourne City Mission.

The Forum, part of the Wyndham Affordable Housing Strategy, was an invitation-only event and brought together 100 stakeholders with housing knowledge to discuss Wyndham's diverse housing needs.

Cr McIntyre said: “With Australia facing a rental crisis, Wyndham is at the coalface of these challenging times and faces a large shortage of affordable rental properties which has a significant social and economic impact.”

“Council endorsed the Affordable Housing Strategy last year and one the key deliverables was to host a forum to bring stakeholders together to discuss the shortage of one and two bedroom homes in Wyndham.”

“Whilst the provision of affordable housing is not a local government responsibility, Council can advocate and facilitate opportunities that encourage affordable housing.”

“The forum has certainly raised discussion and dialogue around Wyndham’s housing needs.”

“The Affordable Housing Forum was a success and was filled with robust discussions taking place and a high level of engagement from participants providing Council with a rich source of information and ideas to take forward.”

Wyndham City provides advice to those who are vulnerable, including people experiencing homelessness, along with referrals to organisations who can provide assistance.

For the past 15 years Wyndham City has worked collaboratively through the Health, Homelessness and Housing (H3) Alliance to provide advice to those in need.

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