Wyndham Basketball Championship 2017

On 5 April Youth Services ran an all day Basketball tournament for the young people of Wyndham City to celebrate National Youth Week 2017. 

The focus of the Wyndham Basketball Championship was to celebrate young people’s sporting abilities, to thank them for their contribution to the community and celebrate community connectedness.

The Wyndham Basketball Championships were held at Eagle stadium to a crowd of 130 players and spectators, with support from Western Leisure Services and the Salvation Army.

The first place team ‘3am’ won a personalised team plyometric training course and $100 each, second place won individual Personal Training sessions as well as $50 each, and third place won $30 each and passes to AquaPulse.

A diverse range of young people participated in the competition showing that engaging in sport really does break down barriers and allows the community to come together.

The Youth Services team is looking forward to Planning future events based on community need.

To view the images visit: http://bit.ly/2oH96W7

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