Wyndham City is calling on residents to continue to support local businesses during the pandemic.

Wyndham is home to 22,000 businesses – the vast majority of which are small, independent businesses run by Wyndham locals.

Wyndham City’s Future Focused Economy portfolio holder, Cr Mia Shaw, said: “We all know how tough life has been for all our residents during this pandemic.”

“It’s also been an extremely difficult time for many of Wyndham’s businesses. Now, more than ever, they need your help. Many small businesses are on their knees and it’s heartbreaking to see.”

“There are many ways you can continue to support local businesses in Wyndham including by ordering take-away, buying items online, purchasing vouchers and using their virtual services.”

“You can also show your support and praise for local businesses by liking and sharing their social media posts to promote their offerings.”

Cr Shaw said for every $100 spent at local small businesses, $67 stays in the local economy, compared to only $4 if you shop online with a non-Wyndham business.

“To ensure you keep up with what is open and which services you can use, visit the WyndhamOpen Business Directory, which features a listing of businesses currently operating in a range of categories, from professional services to cafes and retail.”

“Supporting Wyndham businesses grows our economy and creates local jobs. Please, now more than ever, support our local businesses.”

“I continue to support local businesses, and I know so many other people have been as well, so for that we say thank you!”

The WyndhamOpen business directory can be found here: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wyndhamopen

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