Crossing local borders for work may soon be a thing of the past for many Wyndham residents, with Council seeking to establish two new spaces that would bring employment closer to home.

A new study which assessed the feasibility of establishing a Council-funded innovation hub, and a privately funded co-working space in Wyndham, has been presented to Councillors – paving the way for the two new initiatives to become a reality.  

Future Focussed Economy Portfolio Holder, Cr Walter Villagonzalo, said the evidence-based report offered a compelling case for the two new spaces.

“This report has taken into account the current small business and start-up landscape in Wyndham, the emergency of the knowledge economy, and the need for Wyndham to continue its transition into a destination for new economy, jobs and investment,” Cr Villagonzalo said.

“Given Wyndham’s convenient location between Melbourne and Geelong, and the forecast growth in the area, we are well positioned to establish ourselves as a centre for business investment, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

“Innovation hubs are the way of the future. Taking the form of a physical and virtual place formed by people, start-ups and various types of organisations, they bring together talented thinking, networking, education providers, and members of the community t share knowledge, ideas and skills.” 

“This study has shown that there is an appetite for an innovation hub locally, supported by Council.”

Cr Villagonzalo said that co-working spaces were shared office spaces, involving individuals working either independently or collaboratively.

“With so many new businesses popping up across Wyndham, a co-working space is definitely needed. Following the findings of this report, Council will now commence work to attract a private operator to establish a space like this locally.”

“A key theme identified in the Wyndham 2040 vision, our long-term plan for the municipality, is ‘Earning and Learning’.”

“This focussed on providing varied and plentiful local employment opportunities, making our City a place of choice for businesses of all sizes, with a thriving network of small business operators.”

“The establishment of a private co-working space, and a Council-led innovation hub does just this.”

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