Wyndham City is urging residents to brush up on their fire plans and to set up fire breaks on their rural properties ahead of an active fire danger period.

Wyndham is home to vast grassland, which is currently dry, and has the potential to ignite and spread rapidly on windy days.

Safer Communities portfolio holder Cr Kim McAliney said rural properties have been damaged due to grass fires in previous years and wanted this fire danger period to be a safe time for all residents.

“Fires can start and move quickly so it is essential to be aware of what is happening in your area,” Cr McAliney said.

“Make sure you download the VicEmergency app on your phone and tune in to the radio (ABC Radio Melbourne 774) and television for emergency broadcasts during any time of high fire danger.”

“For your safety, be prepared to leave early and to plan where you are going.”

“Rural landowners are required to implement measures to prevent the spread of fire on their properties, including the creation of fire breaks.”

“From November 1st and throughout the Fire Danger Period, all rural residents must cut a 10-metre fire break around the inside perimeter of their properties and ensure the area around their houses and outbuildings are kept clear.”

“If your land is next to a residential or commercial development, you can choose to create a 20-metre bare earth break or slash a 30-40 metre break along all neighbouring residential fence lines.”

 “All residents must cut grass that is near property fence lines and keep their yards free from rubbish and flammable materials.

“On days of Total Fire Ban, the lighting of any fires in the open air and the use of certain machinery is prohibited, along with the use of tools and equipment that use a naked flame or generate sparks.”

“When the fire danger period is officially declared, burning off is prohibited.”

For more information go to www.emergency.vic.gov.au or for details on what you can and cannot do on days of Total Fire Ban visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au.

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