Wyndham City is pleased to announce a new arts space for emerging local creatives has opened.

Located adjacent to the Wyndham Cultural Centre, The Annex is an extension of the Wyndham Art Gallery and will showcase a range of works by Wyndham’s local creatives including Wunder Gym: Extended Practice, The Wynnies and Creative Catch Ups.

Wyndham City’s Creative Cities portfolio holder, Cr Marcel Mahfoud, said: “The Annex will also be utilised for new exhibitions and works by our partners Western Edge and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.”

“It’s fantastic that Wyndham’s arts community now has another space to practice their creativity and show their artwork.”

Wunder Gym: Extended Practice features six mentors, 18 creatives and one exhibition every fortnight.

Exhibitions will be open from Wednesday to Saturday from 25 March to 14 June from 11.30am to 3.30pm.

The Extended Practice program is a great opportunity for emerging artists from the west to build a body of artwork and further develop their creative practice and benefit from more in depth mentoring.

They will also gain curatorial experience collaborating on exhibition presentation and be promoted and supported extensively by the Wyndham City Arts and Cultural team.

Program Mentors include Catherine Bell, Tai Snaith, Hotham Street Ladies, Tilly Boleyn, Cameron Bishop and Daine Singer.

Local Creatives include Jenny Rütsch, Elizabeth Anne van Herwaarden, Xiang Li, Will Francis, Moreen Wellington Lyons, Melanie Cochrane, Connor Ovenden-Shaw, Christine Lining Bulandus, Larissa Taylor, Carol Rowlands, Maria Nardo, Simpson Myers, Catherine Mackay, Nandita Nadkarni, Rukz One, Meredith Ann Jones, Eva Klusacek and Melissa Lazaridis.

For more information visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/theannex for the latest program details and event updates.

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