Wyndham City is proud to announce Aakriti Malhotra as its One Wyndham recipient for December.

Ms Malhotra is a great role model and leader in her community. She has many passions and interests, from advocating for students on a range of social issues to improving youth mental health to advocating for inclusive education and gender equity.

She participates in many academic initiatives and is a dedicated sports player of netball, softball and AFL. She is a member of the Suzanne Cory Symphony Orchestra and enjoys debating and dancing.

Ms Malhotra is a Year 10 Student Ambassador at Suzanne Cory High School. She is the Co-Chair of the Student Executive Advisory Committee at the Victorian Student Representative Council, the peak-body advocating for student voice and empowering students across the state.

Wyndham Mayor Cr Peter Maynard said: “Ms Malhotra is a shining example of a well-rounded student that achieves her personal best and advocates and strives to make the world a better place by helping others.”

“Ms Malhotra is a positive role model in our community, volunteering and contributing to society by helping others and ardently raises awareness about the current youth mental health crisis and seeks to improve the gaps in our mental health system that will lead to better outcomes for our young people.”

Ms Malhotra advocates, highlights and champions to policy makers on a range of issues that impact young people.

One Wyndham recipients are residents aged between 12 and 25 who positively contribute to the Wyndham community and are role models to other young people.

Each month Council selects a Wyndham resident to be awarded the ‘Young Person of the Month’.

Winners are awarded a $200 gift voucher of their choice and other prizes.

For more information about Youth Services One Wyndham Project go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services/awards-competitions/one-wyndham

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