Many Faces, One Wyndham, a temporary colourful and mesmerizing outdoor public art installation will be on display at Station Place, Werribee until June 2022.

Wyndham City Creative City portfolio holder, Cr Marcel Mahfoud, said: “Wyndham City is proud to support local creatives and deliver on its commitment to make public art accessible and bring it to the community.”  

“We are proud to present a collection of portraits of people from our local community. The colourful portraits are on display in the glazed entry at Werribee train station, brightening up our city centre,” Cr Mahfoud said.

The public art display features a series of portraits, representing the vibrant and diverse cultural backgrounds of Wyndham’s people, by local photographer, David Mullins.

This installation, Many Faces, One Wyndham is an extension of David Mullins’ Faces of Wyndham project. The people depicted in the portraits are some of the people who are most active in the community, going above and beyond to help others and providing encouragement and positivity to support and up-lift Wyndham’s residents.

“This installation celebrates cultural diversity through capturing not only the faces of these people, but also their personalities, their dress, expression of culture and the communities that they represent,” Cr Mahfoud said.

“Wyndham is enriched through the many different cultures and peoples that make up our diverse City.”

“This temporary outdoor installation is captivating, so if you are in walking distance of Werribee train station, make sure you walk past and view the works.”

For more information about these great characters, scan the QR code or visit David’s website

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