Residents are being invited to have their say on a new document that maps out the future of maternal and child health services across Wyndham.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Mia Shaw, who also holds the Family Friendly City portfolio, said the Maternal and Child Health Service Statement expressed Wyndham City’s commitment to what services would be delivered over the coming years as the population continues to soar.

“This statement outlines service delivery looking to the future, what impact it will have on our communities, and how we want to partner with the services we need to attract into Wyndham,” Cr Shaw said.

“ The Maternal Child Health Service is delivered through a partnership between State and Local Governments and is  a key service offered by Council, supporting children and families from birth through to primary school. It’s a vitally important service that is critical to a child’s physical, social and psychological development.”

“Our Maternal Child Health Service continues to deliver quality care despite rapid population growth. Here in Wyndham we have more than 90 babies born a week, so coordinating this service and providing the highest quality care to these children and their families is paramount.” 

“At Wyndham we’re learning all the time. We’re learning what needs improvement, how we work with our residents, and what ways services are meaningful to them. We’re having an ongoing conversation about what they value and what sort of services they want.”

“We want to continue that conversation, and want to hear from residents what they think about this Service Statement.”

Residents are encouraged to have their say on the Maternal Child Health Service Statement by visiting

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