Community Centres in three key locations in Wyndham City are set to receive $6.3 million in funding from the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund (GSF). This support will aid the construction of new community centres in Werribee, Manor Lakes and Truganina.

This week, Wyndham City Mayor Cr Peter Maynard, Deputy Mayor Cr Jasmine Hill, City Life Director Allison Kenwood and City Design and Liveability Director Ludo Campbell-Reid visited the future site of the Black Forest Road South Community Centre.

Cr Maynard said: “Community centres are essential places of connection and support within Wyndham City. Wyndham City Council thanks the State Government for this funding to help deliver this vital community infrastructure.”

“Wyndham City Council is proud to be planning for our future by providing infrastructure to support the growth of our community, and that will create more jobs for locals.”

Wyndham City will receive $4 million from the GSF to build a new community centre in Truganina in Elements Estate. The new $16.1M Truganina Community Centre (interim name) will include flexible community meeting spaces, early years education and maternal child health services and a library lounge with a small collection.

Cr Hill said: “As the Learning City Portfolio holder, I am thrilled that Wyndham City is delivering these new community centres. This social infrastructure helps Wyndham City ensure that our community has access to fundamental early learning services and support for families, and that many community groups and businesses can use these much needed spaces.”

The $10.5 million Black Forest Road South Community Centre (interim name), receiving $1.3 million in funding from the GSF, will provide flexible spaces for many community services hosted in a safe, welcoming and sustainable environment. This centre will feature kindergarten and playground spaces, maternal child health services, and community meeting and lounge spaces and is due to open in early 2024.

Manor Lakes North Family Centre (interim name) will receive $1 million from the GSF to construct the $8.2 million facility. This centre will include early years education services, maternal child health services and community meeting spaces and is scheduled to open in early 2023.

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