Wyndham City Youth Services is helping to narrow intergenerational gaps between parents and young people in the Little River community to create stronger families and provide support to teenagers.

Learning City portfolio holder Cr Josh Gilligan is calling on parents or caregivers to attend a free two-hour workshop at Little River Primary School on Monday, 27th May.

Cr Gilligan said it would help families to improve their communication by understanding each others’ differences, emotions and needs.

“As with many generations before us, there is a gap in understanding between caregivers and their teenage children and this often causes tension in families,” Cr Gilligan said.

“We want to offer families ways of addressing these differences to create a more harmonious home life and to support teenagers through the tough times.”

“We identified intergenerational issues as being a common source of family tension, especially among families where the parents or grandparents were born overseas.”

“Sometimes the culture older family members are familiar with is vastly different from the environment their children experience, and our experts are on hand to help address these differences.”

“The workshop teaches families practical strategies to improve their relationships and communication with one another, and offers a free eight-session program to those interested.”

“One of the vital skills families can take away is how to detect the emotions of their younger members.”

“Sometimes teenagers may appear to show signs of anger, but it is often anxiety or sadness coming across as anger.”

“The experts at the workshop will equip parents with the skills to differentiate these emotions and deal with them in an appropriate way.”

“Parents and guardians who have participated in this workshop provided feedback that these skills were invaluable to be able to support their young people and create a more peaceful and communicative household.”

The free Wyndham City event will be held at Little River Primary School, 21 Flinders St, Little River at 6.30pm on Monday 27th May 2019. To book go to http://bit.ly/tuninglr

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