Opportunities to get involved and learn something new are on offer to people of all ages at this year’s Wyndham Learning Festival.

Now in its sixth year, the theme for this year’s Festival is ‘Re-emerge, Connect and Thrive”. This theme reflects the challenges many in our community are facing.

This year’s Wyndham Learning Festival program features a range of interesting events, with more curated experiences, all held online, across Wyndham. The aim of the Festival is to bring people together through learning, motivate the community and promote life-long learning for all.

Wyndham City’s Learning City portfolio holder, Cr Jasmine Hill, said: “I’m particularly excited to see the wide variety of learning activities, and encourage everyone to learn a new skill in this lockdown period. This is the ideal opportunity with workshops and fun activities available for both adults and children available free online.”

The signature event at this year’s Festival is guest speaker, global leader, entrepreneur and adventurer Mina Guli.

“Mina Guli ran across seven deserts on seven different continents to highlight the global water crisis. Along the way, Mina interviewed water experts, telling the stories of people affected by the crisis and those working to solve it,” Cr Hill said.

There will also be a range of other sessions including creating stunning terrariums; a pre-schooler and preppie dance class; water safety workshop; sports sessions including aerobics and walking basketball sessions for seniors; healthy eating, boardgames, the launch of artist path for new artists, career workshops including business for women, even a workshop on discovering places of worship; or learn a new language in the South Sudanese Language Café - for our diverse community.

“If you are into art, there’s an illustration workshop with Ben Wood on September 3 on how to write a story using pictures and you will have a chance to develop characters and illustrate your own story,” Cr Hill said.

“If you are into computers, there’s a workshop on cyber security, or if you are aged 7-15 you can take part in the Coding Champs Competition held on 1 September. If you are just starting out in computer programming, you can learn Scratch programming on 4 September.”

“Perhaps music is more your thing – if so, there’s African and Samba drumming classes on 2 September.”

“If you’re feeling stressed out or unmotivated, there’s something for you too: yoga classes, health, wellbeing and self-care workshops.”

“There is even a session which tells us how vegetables get from the farm to our plate. There are also waste-watchers to provide tips on how to become a waste expert in your own home. There really is something which will appeal to everyone and their families.”

“In the midst of COVID difficulties lies opportunities. Let us come together, take the opportunity to learn something new, to be connected, and be inspired as a vibrant learning community,” Cr Hill said.

The Learning Festival and the signature event are jointly run in partnership between Wyndham Community and Education Centre and Wyndham City Council.

All events are free.

The Festival runs from September 1 to 5.


To view a full list of events at this year’s festival visit: https://www.wynlearnfestival.org.au  

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