A modest ground-level car park at the corner of Duncans Road and Synnot Street in Werribee is about to get a new lease on life.

The 77-space car park will be closing to the public on Monday 18th March, 2019, for construction to begin on a new 12-storey Holiday Inn Hotel. Once complete, the building will also feature 4,000 sqm of office space and new retail and hospitality space at the ground level.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Mia Shaw, said that while construction is underway, residents are encouraged to continue visiting the Werribee City Centre by parking in other car parks across Werribee.

“In preparation for this important development, and the temporary loss of 77 car parks, we built a new car park with 200 car parks just 500 metres down the road, at the corner of Synnot Street and Werribee Street,” Cr Shaw said.

“Visitors to the Werribee City Centre can park here for as long as they like, free of charge. Those working in the City Centre can also apply for a business parking permit to park at the Cherry Street car park all day.”

Cr Shaw said once construction was complete, the number of public car parks available at the new building would be more than doubled.

“A key feature of this development is a multi-storey car park, that will feature 167 spots to service the public, and 195 spaces for the commercial uses of the building,” Cr Shaw said.

“This development is an exciting one for the Werribee City Centre and Wyndham more broadly. We’ve entered into a public/private partnership with developers Pelligra to see this building constructed.”

“Wyndham is currently experiencing significant tourism growth, and the introduction of international flights to Avalon Airport will see these numbers continuing to rise. This hotel will add to the accommodation available for visitors to stay in, while also boosting our local economy.”

“This is just the first of our projects to position Werribee as the Capital of Melbourne’s New West, with more developments planned at key sites across the City Centre. Together, these projects will deliver 1,600 jobs, both through construction and ongoing employment opportunities, 1,690 additional parking spaces, 16,400 sqm of office space, and 300 residential apartments.”

“Independent analysis has found that these developments will boost our local economy by $465 million.”

The car park at the corner of Duncans Road and Synnot Street is expected to remain closed for 18 months as construction is under way.

For more information on this project and the redevelopment of the Werribee City Centre visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wccredevelopment

To keep up to date on construction as it progresses, like the Werribee City Centre Facebook page.

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