Wyndham City Council is calling on residents to be aware of snakes around the house or workplace this summer.

Wyndham City Director City Operations, Stephen Thorpe, said snakes could appear anywhere outdoors or even make their way inside homes, shops and office buildings.

“While they could be found anywhere across the municipality, people living near pastureland and waterways should remain extra vigilant,” Mr Thorpe said.

“Property owners should make sure their yards are clean, grass is kept short and rubbish is cleaned up.”

“Any food source for vermin could attract snakes, so make sure compost bins are properly sealed and rubbish bin lids are always closed.”

“If you spot a snake you should watch it from a safe distance and move people and pets from the area.”

“If a snake is at your home, workplace or near a public amenity, you can call Council’s qualified professional snake catcher, who will remove the snake.”

Wyndham City’s snake catcher can be reached on 9742 0777.


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