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Mango is an online language learning system that teaches real conversation skills for practical communication. Through fun and engaging interactive lessons, Mango makes learning a new language fast, easy and incredibly effective.

The Mango system is completely web-based and remotely accessible, so you can learn anywhere you have an internet connection — at the library, a coffee shop, or even at home in bed. Choose from 36 guided language experiences, 14 English as a second language experiences, and different levels of fluency. All you need is a library membership.

Mango is built to be both effective and fun. You'll see progress with every session, and be encouraged to keep talking. In no time at all, you'll be able to navigate all sorts of everyday situations — get directions, order a meal, make new friends — the possibilities are endless!

You can also learn languages on the go! Mango has an app for both iOS and Android.

Mango is FREE at your local library.

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