Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023

Learning is fundamental to the well-being, prosperity and sense of belonging of all people.

Council has established a strong foundation for lifelong learning within the community since the creation of its first Learning Community Strategy in 2010. The recently adopted Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 outlines a commitment to ensuring the benefits of learning are available to all Wyndham residents and promotes a learning community culture where equity and inclusion are the drivers of planning, engagement and delivery.

The Learning Strategy identifies a range of priority skills such as Learning Agility; Literacy, Numeracy and Language; Digital Fundamentals & New Media; Civics; Employability and Leadership.

The Learning Strategy will foster these priority skills through a range of Strategy actions focused on Celebrating living and learning in Wyndham, with the Learning Festival as the signature event; Advocating for equity and quality in service provision;  Facilitating partnerships and collaboration across sectors to create new learning models and deliver outcomes for all; and Innovating learning and fostering new entrepreneurial spirit through integration with, and promotion of, Wyndham’s Smart City agenda.

Council will play a variety of roles in this new strategy – advocate for new services or for a more equitable share of learning related resource; facilitator of partnerships and collaborations; exploring possibilities; initiate and lead projects; and direct delivery of services.

Learning Across Life is the central pillar of the Wyndham Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 relating to all Life Stages – Early Years, School Years, Youth, Adults and Seniors, and recognises that within these Life Stages there are a range of needs and priorities. New and emerging work, rapidly growing local communities, changing social opportunities and the importance of personal resilience and wellbeing underpin identified priority skills. The Strategy highlights the need to be nimble, with place-based resources directed locally towards emerging challenges and opportunities as Wyndham’s population continues to grow and further diversify.

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Learning Community Strategy Infographic Journey

The Learning Community Strategy

The Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 is Wyndham’s driver for innovation and change in learning, and functions as a roadmap for developing an equitable, inclusive and innovative learning community.

The Strategy updates are endorsed each year at Council meetings to highlight actions Wyndham has taken including partnerships with the popular Wyndham Learning Festival, Building Blocks programs, educational Wyntalk workshops and more.

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Download the Learning Community Strategy - Update 2

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Learning Community Strategy Update No 4

We are pleased to share the key learning achievements and progress made throughout 2022 in the fourth Update of the Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023. Our Strategy supports us to pursue Wyndham’s vision of a community where there is equitable access to education, and access to life-long and life-wide learning opportunities enabling and driving equity and inclusion.

Download the Learning Community Strategy - Update 4

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