Wyndham City has completed its first ever Integrated Transport Policy and Strategy to guide its approach to the most pressing concern for residents in Wyndham – transport and traffic.

The Policy identifies the shared vision and goals of the community when it comes to transport and traffic concerns, while the Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy (WITS) provides the details on how these goals will be achieved.

In the WITS, there is a ‘Wyndham Target’ linked to each Policy Statement as an indicator of what Council will do to achieve the vision and goals of Wyndham residents and businesses by 2040. Under each ‘Wyndham Target’ sits the relevant programs, actions and associated timeframes to achieve the target.

The WITS also recognises that many of Wyndham’s future transport improvements will require a significant advocacy effort over the lifetime of the WITS to secure State and Federal support, and a fair share of funding for essential transport infrastructure.

The Wyndham Integrated Transport Policy and Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy were adopted by Council on June 27, 2016.

If you require further information in relation to the Policy and Strategy, please contact the Transport Planning Team at integrated.transport@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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