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Confidentiality Statement:

If your application is successful, you may come across information that is private and confidential.

This could include personal information about a client of our services, member of the public, member of staff or Government, community or business organisation. Should this occur, you have a responsibility to respect and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of all organisations and individuals.  Breaches of confidentiality in some circumstances, constitutes offences under the law.

Privacy Statement:

Your personal information is being collected by Council for the purpose of assessing your application. Your information will be stored in Council’s Customer Database and used to identify you when communicating with Council.  If your application to become a registered Wyndham City Volunteer is successful, your details will also be stored on Council’s Volunteer database. For further information on how your personal information is handled, visit Council’s Privacy Policy.

Agreement Statement:

Wyndham City is collecting the personal information requested in an effort to best connect you with suitable volunteer positions. The applicant understands that Council may verify the legitimacy of the information provided and Council reserves the right to terminate the applicant’s services immediately if it is found that the information provided is not true or is misleading.

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