Privacy Statement

Your personal information is being collected by Council for the purpose of the administration of your ‘Maker’ application to participate in the MADE on Watton Makers Market, Pop Up Store.   Any information you submit as part of your application will be stored and processed by  Council in accordance with the Terms and Conditions provided. 

Your personal information will be stored in Council’s Customer Database and used to identify you when communicating with Council and for the delivery of services and information.  For further information on how your personal information is handled, visit  Council’s Privacy Policy

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Stallholder bookings are in two week blocks, please nominate the dates below best suited to you. You can select more than one. You must be available for all of the days that you make your application for.

I am able to attend (required)

Note: There may be public holidays where the shop is open or closed. Makers will be given notice.

Required Documents
Do you have public liability insurance in a minimum sum of $10 million per single event? (required)
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Allowed types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx.
If you are selling beauty or bath products or toys, do you have product liability insurance in a minimum sum of $10 million per single event? (required)
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By submitting an application for a stall at the MADE on Watton shop (‘shop’), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with other documents and information relating to the shop, including your application form and the information made available on Council’s website.

Submission of an application does not guarantee a stall allocation.  Successful applicants will be notified using the contact details provided in their application form.

    1.1 Applicants must:
    (a) be over 18 years or aged;
    (b) hold a current active ABN; and
    (c) live, work or study in, or otherwise have a connection to, Wyndham.

    1.2 Council staff, Councillors and their immediate families are ineligible to apply.


    2.1 To apply to be a stallholder, you must submit a properly completed application form at least 16 days prior to your nominated start date.  Applications received outside of this period will not be accepted.
    2.2 You agree to immediately notify Council of any changes to your application, including the request to withdraw your application, by emailing
    2.3 Council accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, invalid or corrupt applications.


    Applications will be assessed by Council officers and Council’s Market Manager in accordance with the Makers Criteria.


    4.1 Council will contact successful applicants by email and advise them of the period for which they have been allocated a stall (‘allocated period’).  Council may also advise successful applicants of the products that they are permitted to sell at their stall.
    4.2 Successful applicants must attend an induction prior to the start of their allocated period.  Successful applicants who do not attend the induction will not be permitted to trade at the shop.


    5.1 Stallholders may arrive at the shop up to one hour prior to the shop’s opening time on the first day of their allocated period to set up their stall and must pack down their stall by the shop’s closing time on the last day of their allocated period.
    5.2 Stallholders must be present at their stall and ensure that their stall is operational at all times during the shop’s trading hours during their allocated period.
    5.3 On each day of their allocated period, stallholders may arrive up to 30 minutes prior to the shop’s opening time to set up their stall and may remain up to 30 minutes after closing time to pack down their stall.
    5.4 If there is a public holiday during the stallholder’s allocated period, Council will notify the stallholder whether the shop will be open or closed for trade on that day.
    5.5 Stallholders acknowledge and agree that there may be additional trading hours for special events during their allocated period and further agree that they will be available to operate their stall during these additional hours.


    6.1 A maximum of 10 stalls will be permitted to operate within the shop at any time.
    6.2 Stallholders must ensure that all electrical equipment used at their stall is tested and tagged.  Equipment which has not been tested and tagged must not be used.
    6.3 Council will provide each stallholder with a designated stall area containing a 200cm x 90cm wooden trestle table, a stool and access to power.  Stallholders acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for providing any additional equipment required for their stall.
    6.4 Stallholders must keep their stalls clean, tidy, free from rubbish and other hazards and well presented at all times.
    6.5 Stallholders must ensure that their stall does not exceed the boundaries of their designated stall area.
    6.6 Stallholders must be courteous to members of the public, other stallholders and Council’s Market Manager.  Stallholders agree to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds Council’s values and reflects prevailing community standards.


    7.1 Stallholders warrant that their products do not infringe a third party’s copyright or intellectual property rights.
    7.2 Stallholders must ensure that they have sufficient product stock to sell for duration of their allocated period.
    7.3 Stallholders acknowledge and agree that they should not leave their products unattended at the shop, including overnight, during their allocated period.  Stallholders further acknowledge and agree that any products left unattended at the shop are left entirely at the stallholder’s own risk.

  1. SALES

    8.1 Stallholders are entirely responsible for the sale of their products at their stall and must only accept payment by EFTPOS.  Stallholders acknowledge and agree that cash payments must not be accepted.
    8.2 Stallholders must only sell the products specified in their application, or as advised by Council.  The stallholder may only sell additional products with the prior approval of Council.
    8.3 Council reserves the right to request that certain items or products be removed from sale and/or display.
    8.4 Stallholders must not conduct any lotteries, raffles or competitions without obtaining Council’s prior written consent.


    9.1 Stallholders must display all signage provided by Council.
    9.2 Stallholders must ensure that any additional signage displayed at their stall has been approved by Council and is not placed outside of their allocated stall area.


    10.1 Stallholders must comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the stallholder, their stall and the shop.
    10.2 Stallholders must notify Council’s Market Manager of any incident, accident, injury or damage that occurs at its stall or at the shop, as soon as is reasonably possible in the circumstances.

  1. COVID-19

    The stallholder agrees to comply with:
    (a) all current Victorian Government COVID-19 restrictions and directives;
    (b) Council’s COVID-Safe plan; and
    (c) any additional requirements in response to COVID-19 that Council may impose from time to time.


    12.1 You acknowledge and agree that Council may use the information provided in your application to create a makers’ profile about you and your products, to be published on Council’s website and social media pages for the purpose of promoting your stall at the shop and/or the shop generally.
    12.2 Where you have provided details of your Facebook and/or Instagram account, you acknowledge and agree that Council may tag the account(s) in your maker’s profile and/or public posts on its social media pages in connection with your stall at the shop and/or the shop generally.
    12.3 You warrant that the logo and/or photographs provided with your application (if any) do not infringe a third party’s copyright or intellectual property rights, and you grant Council a perpetual, irrevocable, transferable and royalty-free licence to use and publish your logo and/or photographs (in whole or in part) in any forum or format for the purpose of promoting your stall at the shop and/or the shop generally.


    13.1 Stallholders must not photograph, film, live stream or otherwise record their stall or the shop without obtaining Council’s prior written consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.
    13.2 Stallholders (including their staff, volunteers and contractors) consent to being photographed, filmed or otherwise recorded at the shop during their allocated period and consent to Council’s use or publication of photographs and/or recordings in any format whatsoever, acting in its sole discretion.


    14.1 Stallholders must hold and maintain public liability insurance in a minimum sum of $10 million per single event and must provide a copy of their certificate of currency with their application and otherwise on Council’s request.
    14.2 Stallholders who sell beauty products, bath products and/or toys must hold and maintain product liability insurance in a minimum sum of $10 million per single event and must provide a copy of their certificate of currency with their application and otherwise on Council’s request.
    14.3 Stallholders who do not provide Council with a copy of their certificate(s) of currency for the insurances referred to in clauses 14.1 and 14.2 will not be permitted to trade at the shop.
    14.4 Stallholders acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for insuring their own property and equipment (including products) and are responsible for maintaining appropriate insurances for their staff, volunteers and contractors.


    The stallholder is entirely responsible for any damage to or theft of its property resulting from or related to the use of its stall and the shop.  Stallholders acknowledge and agree that Council accepts no liability in this regard.


    Council accepts no liability for any representations made by the stallholder in relation to its products.


    Stallholders release, hold harmless, indemnify and continue to indemnify Council, its Councilors, employees, agents and contractors against all claims arising in connection with a breach or purported breach of these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, any infringement or purported infringement of third party intellectual property rights.


    Nothing in these terms and conditions or in the conduct of Council and the stallholder will create a relationship of agency, partnership, employer and employee or joint venture between the stallholder and Council.


    Council makes no representation as to the minimum level of sales or profitability the stallholder may enjoy during their allocated period.


    20.1 Successful applicants may forfeit their allocated period and cease trading the shop at any time by notifying Council’s Market Manager by email to
    20.2 Stallholders whose stalls are not operational for 3 or more consecutive or non-consecutive days during their allocated period may have their allocated period cancelled and will no longer be permitted to trade at the shop.
    20.3 Council reserves the right to change the shop’s trading hours (including closing the shop entirely) and/or to amend a stallholder’s allocated period.  If Council makes such a change or amendment, Council accepts no liability for any costs incurred by the stallholder in anticipation of their allocated period.


    If Council becomes aware of a breach of any of these terms and conditions which, in the reasonable opinion of Council, is not capable of remedy, the stallholder’s allocated period will be cancelled and the stallholder will not be permitted to trade, or continue to trade, at the shop.


    22.1 Stallholders must follow all reasonable directions of Council officers and/or Council’s Market Manager in connection with their stall and/or the shop.
    22.2 Council reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time.

What is MADE on Watton?

MADE on Watton is an exciting and innovative new pop up retail space in the Werribee City Centre to support local creatives, designers and artists showcase their products.

The pilot project will transform a vacant tenancy at 90 Watton Street into a curated, market-style experience featuring original, high quality hand-made textiles, stationery, ceramics, homewares and jewellery.

Where is MADE on Watton?

MADE on Watton is located on the main street of Werribee at 90 Watton Street, Werribee.  Located just 50 meters away from the main entrance to Wyndham Park and surrounded by cafes, other retailers and local businesses.  We encourage you to enjoy everything Werribee City Centre has to offer during your visit.

How long will the MADE on Watton pilot run?

The trial will initially run for three months, starting mid-January.

How many stallholders will feature at any one time?

There will be a maximum of 10 stallholders at any one time.  Stallholders will change over fortnightly and monthly so that you have time to come and visit your favourite makers again but so you can also meet new makers!

How do I get to MADE on Watton?

MADE on Watton is easy to get to via public transport or car.  It’s also close to bike tracks and if you live close by a nice walk.

By Car -Take the Princes Freeway M1 from Melbourne CBD or Geelong to arrive in an easy 30 minutes.

By Train - MADE on Watton is a short 7 minute walk from the Werribee Train Station. Check Metro services and timetables from Melbourne to Werribee.  If you’re coming from Geelong or a regional area you can check, V/Line and Regional Rail timetables for regular services to Werribee. Connect to taxis and buses at the Werribee station. Refer to Public Transport Victoria (PTV) guides for details.

Where can I park?

There is free all day parking at the West End Carpark, corner of Watton and Werribee Street.  It’s just a short 5 minute walk from MADE on Watton.

Free 3-hour parking is also available at the Cultural Centre Carpark and Riverbend Carpark, Comben Drive just a short 3-5 minute walk from MADE on Watton.

Is MADE on Watton accessible?

Yes, MADE on Watton has a flat surface entry, with entry and been spaced out to allow for mobility.

We welcome visitors with assistance animals certified by a registered authority.

Is there an ATM in the shop?

No, this will be a cashless shop with payment by EFTPOS and credit card only.

Is there WiFi at MADE on Watton?

Yes, there is free wifi at MADE on Watton.  Just ask the shop attendant for password and details.

Is there COVID safe information I need to be aware of?

  • COVID safe signage regarding conditions of entry will be displayed on entry.
  • If you have any cold-like symptoms, including a runny nose, sore throat, chills, fever, lack of taste or smell, please do not come to MADE on Watton. Please get tested at a COVID-19 testing site.
  • To assist with contact tracing and as a requirement by the State Government we will be requesting all visitors either scan the QR codes or complete a manual form.
  • Face masks are currently mandatory for indoor markets in Melbourne, therefore all staff and visitors to MADE on Watton must wear a mask.
  • We have determined the capacity of MADE on Watton based on current COVID safe restrictions/guidelines, the number will be displayed at store entry.
  • Visitors are requested to use hand sanitiser upon entry.

Please note: Anyone refusing to obey the restrictions outlined above or the direction of staff or management will be asked to leave. 

Are applications for stallholders still open?

Yes, applications for stallholders are currently open and we’d love to hear from you! Please go to the STALLHOLDERS APPLY NOW button at the bottom of the page for more details.

How can I find out about updates and new stallholders at MADE on Watton?

Follow the Werribee City Centre Facebook page and Wyndham City Instagram page.

How do I find a list of all the stallholders?

We will announce upcoming stallholders on socials and the webpage in the lead up and throughout their stallholder period, but the best way to discover all of the stallholders is to come and visit us in store!

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