Wyndham City Libraries has partnered with Libraries Australia so that library members can borrow items from other libraries outside the municipality. You can search Trove to see the items available across the country. Requests are made by accessing the form below and will be actioned by a member of the Wyndham City Libraries Team. Once an item arrives it can be borrowed using your Wyndham City Libraries membership.

If the item you are requesting is a recent publication (published or released within the last 12 months) or is a forthcoming publication, you should make a Library Purchase Suggestion instead.

Privacy statement 
Your personal information, as requested on this form is being collected by Wyndham City Libraries for the purposes of placing a request for Inter Library Loan of items from another Australian Library Service.

Your information will be stored in Council’s Library Management System and in the Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) database. Library staff will use the information to search for your requested item(s) through the LADD service, to place an Inter Library Loan, if your item(s) is found.
If you provide your personal information you are agreeing for Council and National Library of Australia to collect and use the personal information for this purpose. For further information on how your personal information is handled, visit Council’s Privacy Policy.

For further information about the:

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What can I request on interlibrary loan?
  • You can request books, talking books, large print books, DVDs, CDs, and games. You cannot request journal articles.
 How many interlibrary loan items can I request?
  • You can have up to ten interlibrary loans in process at any one time. 'In process' includes new requests, items that have been shipped but not arrived, and items on loan.
 How much does an interlibrary loan cost?
  • Most public libraries will not charge for interlibrary loans. Most academic libraries will charge for loans (usual cost is $28.50). 
 How long will it take for my interlibrary loan item to arrive?
  • It is difficult to estimate how long it might take for an interlibrary loan to arrive. We generally advise 4-6 weeks for delivery. 
 How long can I borrow an interlibrary loan item for?
  • The standard loan period is four weeks.  A renewal of two weeks is available upon request at the end of the four week period.  The supplying library may require the item to be returned sooner.
Can I keep an interlibrary loan item for longer than the standard loan period, plus the two-week renewal period?
  • No. If you feel you will have difficulty returning an interlibrary loan item on time, you can contact your local Wyndham library branch and request additional time, but this is at the discretion of the supplying library, not Wyndham City Libraries. Even if it possible to extend, it may take several days to arrange more time, so let us know well in advance if you won't be able to return your interlibrary loan item on time.
 How will I know when my item arrives?
  • Notifications for interlibrary loans are the same as items on hold from Wyndham City Libraries, either by SMS, email or letter. If you are not sure about the method of communication you have chosen or would like to change it please speak to a staff member.
What are my responsibilities?
  • All interlibrary loan items have either a blue strap or a blue cardboard insert identifying them as interlibrary loans. Do not remove it. You must return the item with this strap or insert attached.

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