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Your personal information is being collected by Wyndham City Council for the purpose of administering your stallholder application for the 2023 Wyndham Volunteer Expo.  Your personal information will be stored and used by Council to assess your application and to identify you when communicating with Council, and for the delivery of services and information.  For further information about how your personal information is handled, visit Council’s Privacy Policy.

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Does the group/organisation have volunteer personal accident insurance? Please note: volunteer personal accident insurance is an important part of being ‘volunteer ready’. If you do not have this insurance, Council will contact you to discuss your application further.

By submitting an application for a stall at the 2023 Wyndham Volunteers Expo (‘expo’), the group/organisation agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with other documents and information relating to the expo, including the group/organisation’s application form and the information made available on Council’s website.

Submission of an application does not guarantee a stall allocation.  Successful applicants will be notified using the contact details provided in their application form.


    1.1 To be eligible to submit an application, the applicant must be either a registered business with a current active ABN or be a registered incorporated association that has:

    (a) a connection to the Wyndham community; and
    (b) a genuine need for volunteers.

    1.2 Where the applicant submits an application in its capacity as an auspice for another community group/organisation:

    (a) the auspicee community group/organisation must be unincorporated;
    (b) a copy of the auspice agreement that documents the arrangement between the applicant and auspicee must be submitted with the application; and
    (c) the applicant acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for and must ensure that the auspicee complies with these terms and conditions.

    1.3 Council staff, Councillors and their immediate families are ineligible to apply.


    2.1 Applications must be submitted between 9:00am on 9 January 2023 and 5:00pm on 10 February 2023 via Council’s website.  Applications which are incomplete or received outside of this period will not be accepted.

    2.2 Applicants agree to immediately notify Council of any changes to their application, including the request to withdraw their application, by emailing

    2.3 Council accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, invalid or corrupt applications.


    3.1 Council will assess all applications in the week commencing 13 February 2023.  Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria in condition 1 and are considered to be ‘volunteer ready’ by Council will be allocated a stall.

    3.2 In the week commencing 20 February 2023, Council will contact applicants by email and notify them of the outcome of their application, including their stall allocation (if applicable).  Successful stallholders will be provided with stallholder documentation which must be completed and returned to Council by 5:00pm on 24 February 2023.

    3.3 All stallholders must attend an information session at Encore Events Centre from 6:30pm to 8:00pm on 2 March 2023.  The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that if they do not attend this information session, they may not be permitted to operate at the expo.


    4.1 The stallholder must ‘bump in’ at their stall between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on 17 March 2023.

    4.2 Stalls must be set up and operational by 9:00am on 18 March 2023 (1 hour before the expo starts).

    4.3 The stallholder must ensure that at least one person is present at their stall and that their stall is operational at all times during the expo.  Stalls may be operated by a maximum of two persons on the day of the expo.

    4.4 The stallholder must pack down their stall and ‘bump out’ immediately after the expo ends at 2:00pm on 18 March 2023.


    5.1 A maximum of 100 stalls will be permitted at the expo.

    5.2 The stallholder must ensure that all electrical equipment used at their stall is tested and tagged.  Equipment which has not been tested and tagged must not be used.

    5.3 Council will provide each stallholder with a designated stall containing one 1.8m long trestle table with tablecloth, two chairs, one 1.2m x 1.8m display board and two light lunches and refreshments.  The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for providing any additional equipment required for their stall.

    5.4 The stallholder must keep their stalls clean, tidy, free from rubbish and other hazards and well presented at all times.

    5.5 The stallholder must ensure that their stall does not exceed the boundaries of their designated stall area.

    5.6 The stallholder must be courteous to members of the public, other stallholders and Council staff.  The stallholder agrees to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds Council’s values and reflects prevailing community standards.


    6.1 With the exception of wrapped lollies, food items must not be distributed at the expo.

    6.2 Stallholders may not display, distribute or otherwise use balloons at the expo.

    6.3 The stallholder warrants that any materials they distribute at the expo does not infringe a third party’s copyright or intellectual property rights.

    6.4 The stallholder must ensure that they have sufficient marketing and promotional material (as required) to distribute for duration of the expo.

    6.5 The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that they should not leave their materials or stall unattended at the expo.  The stallholder further acknowledges and agrees that any materials left unattended at the expo are left entirely at their own risk.

    6.6 The stallholder must not conduct any lotteries, raffles or competitions without obtaining Council’s prior written consent; nor use any microphones, sound amplification or musical instruments at its stall.


    7.1 The stallholder must display all signage provided by Council.

    7.2 The stallholder must ensure that any additional signage displayed at their stall has been approved by Council and is not placed outside of their allocated stall area.


    8.1 The stallholder must comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to them, their stall and the expo, including without limitation, the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

    8.2 The stallholder must notify Council of any incident, accident, injury or damage that occurs at its stall or at the expo, as soon as is reasonably possible in the circumstances.

  1. COVID-19

    The stallholder must comply with:

    (a) all State and Commonwealth Government directions, requirements and guidelines in relation to COVID-19; and
    (b) any additional requirements in response to COVID-19 that Council may impose from time to time.


    10.1 The stallholder must not photograph, film, live stream or otherwise record their stall or the expo without obtaining Council’s prior written consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

    10.2 The stallholder (including their staff, volunteers and contractors) consents to being photographed, filmed or otherwise recorded at the expo and consent to Council’s use or publication of photographs and/or recordings in any format whatsoever, acting in its sole discretion.


    11.1 The stallholder must hold and maintain public liability insurance in a minimum sum of $10 million per single event and must provide a copy of their certificate of currency with their application and otherwise on Council’s request.

    11.2 Any stallholder who does not provide Council with a copy of their certificate(s) of currency for the insurance referred to in condition 11.1 will not be permitted to operate its stall at the expo.

    11.3 The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for insuring their own property and equipment (including products) and are responsible for ensuring that appropriate insurances are in place for their staff, volunteers and contractors.


    The stallholder is entirely responsible for any damage to or theft of its property resulting from or related to the use of its stall and the expo.  The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that Council accepts no liability in this regard.


    The stallholder agrees to release, indemnify and keep indemnified Council, its Councillors, employees, officers, agents and contractors from and against any and all third party claims made in connection with the stallholder’s breach of these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, any infringement or potential infringement of third party intellectual property rights.


    Nothing in these terms and conditions or in the conduct of Council and a stallholder will create a relationship of agency, partnership, employer and employee or joint venture between the stallholder and Council.


    Council makes no representation as to the minimum level of community interest a stallholder may enjoy during the expo.


    16.1 The stallholder may forfeit their stall by notifying Council by email to

    16.2 Council reserves the right to change the expo’s time, date or location and/or to amend any stallholder’s stall allocation.  If Council makes such a change or amendment, Council accepts no liability for any costs incurred by the stallholder in anticipation of their allocated stall.


    If Council becomes aware of a breach of any of these terms and conditions which, in the reasonable opinion of Council, is not capable of remedy, the stallholder will not be permitted to operate, or continue to operate, at the expo.


    18.1 The stallholder must follow all reasonable directions of Council officers, event personnel and emergency services in connection with their stall and/or the expo.

    18.2 Council reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time.

    18.3 Council’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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