Seeded Lawn areas must have evidence of germination with growth of 5cm or be turf, Use of artificial lawn must have been preapproved, concrete, pavers, and mulch, gravel etc. are in accordance with approved plans. Stone/crush rock areas must be an adequate depth to cover area and prevent mud.
Note: Tanks or other approved underground systems must not be positioned so as to block off access ways. NOT APPLICABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL
Should be a garden shed at minimum 6 cubic metres or fenced, gated area with enclosed roof. Cannot be in garage or building unless pre-approved as part of the issued planning permit and shown on the plans and accessible from rear (Standard B30). Sheds must be located in correct locations as per approved plans. Sheds smaller than 6M3 must have been pre-approved as part of the application process. NOT APPLICABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL
I declare that the above answers are correct and acknowledge that irregularities detected during an inspection will result in the inspection failing with rectifications required and fees of $200 applicable for any further reinspections required thereafter.


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