Jobs Victoria Advocate

The ability to participate in the economy impacts how people feel connected and included in a community and Jobs matter a great deal to Wyndham residents. Wyndham City is pleased to work in partnership with the Victorian government and The Huddle on the Jobs Victoria Advocates Program.

About the program

Many people are not aware of the different supports available to them or do not know where to go for the help and advice they need to find work. Jobs Victoria Advocates support people who are looking for work by connecting them to information, advice, and the right services.

How can a Jobs Victoria Advocate help you?

You will have a chat with Wyndham Jobs Victoria Advocate to unpack where you are professionally now and where you would like to be. By the end of the chat you have a list of Education and Employment services that can support you getting a job. Advocate can make any necessary referral calls.

How to connect with Wyndham Jobs Victoria Advocates?

You can complete your details below and your local Jobs Victoria Advocate will be in touch.

If you prefer to come and chat to us in person below is where you can find a Job Advocate near you.

Please note: All outdoor locations may be subject to change based on current weather conditions.

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