Wyndham City is offering local small businesses access to a free professional services advisory program. This initiative is fully funded by Council as part of the WynLocal Economic Support Package.

The program has been developed in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19 and more specifically to support small businesses that may not have the internal resources, or access to specialist advice, to assist in the management of staff, management of finances and or the implementation of digital marketing initiatives that have the capacity to find new markets at this most difficult time.

About The Professional Advice Service

Eligible businesses will have the opportunity to receive a one-on-one teleconference consultation at no cost. Following the consultation participating businesses will provided a summary of the key discussion points and if applicable, recommended actions.

All discussions with the professional advisor will be strictly confidential and Council will not be collecting any information of a confidential nature that may be raised during the consultation or follow up communications.

In line with Council’s Buy Local Campaign, all professional service providers are Wyndham based businesses.

Services to be offered fall within the following four categories:

  • Human Resources & Industrial Relations in human resource compliance, outplacement,
    employment law, employer obligations and employee relations
  • Finance including accounting, financial support, cash flow planning and budgeting
  • Business Planningincluding review of business operations and planning for the future
  • Digital Marketing including strategic marketing, public relations, online presence and social media strategy

There is a limit to the number of consultation sessions available and as such applications will be reviewed in the order in which they were submitted.

Eligibility Criteria

Businesses wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a business that has been impacted by COVID-19
  • Have an active Australian Business Number
  • Have a business located within Wyndham City
  • Have access to either telephone or video technology for conference calling
  • Agree to complete a survey for the purposes of program evaluation

Please note that individuals seeking to start up a new business are not eligible for this program

How it works

  • Complete the application form
  • As part of the application process nominate which of the four service categories you have the highest need for professional advice
    • Human Resources and Industrial Relations
    • Finance
    • Business Planning
    • Digital Marketing
  • Submit the form
  • Following submission of the form a Council officer will contact you within one working day advising next steps
  • You will be allocated a service provider by Council
  • Once allocated; the service provider will contact you to make an appointment for a teleconference at a mutually agreeable time
  • Following the consultation the provider will forward you a confidential summary of the key discussion points and any recommended action

WynLocal Small Business Professional Advice Program Guidelines

Program Summary

This program will focus on the present and the future; providing access to professional advisers to assist in business management and strategy including but not limited to adapting to the current economic climate and the way we may do business post COVID-19. Professional Services to be offered are:

  • Human Resources & Industrial Relations
    • Human resource compliance
    • Outplacement
    • Employment law
    • Employer obligations
    • Employee relations
  • Business Planning
    • Review business operations
    • Planning for the future
  • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Financial support
    • Cash flow planning
    • Budgeting
  • Digital Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Public Relations
    • Online presence
    • Social Media Strategy

Participating businesses will be able to access a two hour free professional consultation with a local Wyndham business professional services provider. These providers have been selected through a formal procurement process as governed by relevant legislation.


Applicant eligibility under the program must meet the following criteria:

  • Small businesses with less than 20 employees as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics
    • This includes sole traders, non-employing  businesses and home based businesses
  • Business registration that confirms a Wyndham City address as the principle place of the business
  • An active Australian Business Number
  • Demonstrated evidence that the business has been actively trading and has been adversely affected by COVID-19
  • Have access to either telephone or video technology for conference calling
  • Agree to complete a survey for the purposes of program evaluation


  • Individuals seeking to start a new enterprise will not be eligible for the program
  • Wyndham City Councillors and staff and their immediate family will not be eligible for the program


  • Applications will only be accepted through the online form which can be accessed at www.wyndham.vic.gov.au
  • Applications will be accepted from Monday 20 April until all funds set aside for the program have been allocated or until close of business Friday 28 August 2020; whichever comes first.
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