Wyndham City Council is offering grant funding of $5,000 (excl. GST) to primary schools (including P-9, & P-12) within the Wyndham municipality to participate in the Wyndham Active Travel To School program.

The Wyndham Active Travel To School program supports schools to reduce traffic congestion and increase walking, riding and scooting to school by:

  • partnering with Wyndham City to identify and address possible barriers to active travel, and
  • providing $5,000 grants to develop and implement a long-term School Travel Plan.

Who is eligible to participate?

All (private and government) primary schools, and colleges (P-9 & P-12) in the Wyndham municipality are eligible to participate.

How many schools can participate?

Up to 4 schools will be selected to participate in the program in 2019. These schools will join the 15 schools who have been involved over the past 4 years.

What are the expected outcomes of participating in the program?

The expected outcomes of this project are:

  • Reduction in car usage as a form of travel to and from school, and an increase in active travel to and from schools.
  • Improved perceptions of the safety of the students actively travelling to and from school.
  • Promote positive changes in driver behaviour around the school.
  • Increased understanding of ‘what works’ in increasing and supporting active travel in Wyndham.

What are participating schools expected to do?

All schools selected to participate in the Wyndham Active Travel To School Grant program will be required to meet the following terms and conditions.

Schools will be expected to:

  • Meet with Council’s Sustainable Transport Officer to discuss the program, following an invitation to participate – the Principal and person who will lead this work must attend (Term 1, 2019).
  • Nominate a lead representative from the school to liaise with Council.
  • Enter into a Partnership Agreement with Council (Term 1, 2019).
  • Take ownership of and promote the benefits of active travel in their school community.
  • Participate in the Wyndham Active Travel Chatter Email Group.
  • Have regular contact with Council’s Sustainable Transport Officer by email and at least one in-person meeting every term.
  • Be responsible for implementing an endorsed School Travel Plan (from 2019).
  • Participate in evaluations to inform future active travel opportunities for schools.

School deliverables include:

  • Establish a school support/working group (Term 1, 2019)
  • Develop and submit a draft Active Travel To School Plan to Wyndham City (by the end of Term 2, 2019) that identifies:
    • current and preferred travel methods of staff and students
    • the school’s community perceptions of active travel
    • barriers and a range of school-appropriate strategies to overcome these barriers; and
    • positive behaviours that are currently occurring and reinforcing the benefits of active travel.
  • Implement the strategies in the endorsed School Active Travel Plan
  • Collect active travel data once a term to monitor active travel levels and methods.  Provide this data to Council’s Sustainable Transport Officer.

Schools can spend the $5,000 grant on:

  • CRT costs incurred as a result of teacher release to develop the School Active Travel Plan
  • Strategies that increase active travel (as identified in the endorsed School Active Travel Plan), such as bike facilities (these can be upcycled and recycled items), competition prizes, active path markers, launch events.

When will the $5,000 grant be paid?

  1. $1,500 paid Term 1, 2019 when the funding agreement has been signed by Wyndham City and the school.
  2. $3,500 paid when Wyndham City has endorsed the school's Active Travel To School Plan.

How will applications be assessed?

Applications will be assessed on the following:

  • The school’s readiness, interest and commitment to using best practice active travel strategies to promote active travel to their school community.
  • The school’s willingness and capability to develop, lead, drive and be responsible for developing and implementing their School Active Travel Plan.
  • The school’s commitment to work in partnership with Wyndham City Council’s Sustainable Transport Officer.
  • The school’s capacity to commit school resources to the program (this can be financial or in-kind support).
  • The school’s location (viability for infrastructure improvements or located near other schools participating in the project).


Timelines for applications and participation

Applications close Monday 10 December 2018. 

Schools will be advised of the outcome of their application by Friday 21 December 2018.

Successful schools will be required to agree to these terms and conditions in writing, and commence participation in the program in Term 1, 2019.

For more information or questions, please contact Dianne Johnson, Sustainable Transport Officer, on 9742 0777 or dianne.johnson@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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