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Wyndham City’s 2017/2018 Integrated Plan & Budget and City Plan 2017 - 2021 was adopted at Council’s Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 June, 2017.

Divided into 4 overarching themes, the 2017 – 2021 Wyndham City Plan sets out the priorities which will guide the work Council will be doing over the next four years. These themes, strategies and initiatives provide a road-map for Council’s Annual Integrated Plan and Budget, and it’s against these that we also measure how well we’re achieving our targets.

This is also the first time that the Community Health, Wellbeing and Safety Plan is integrated into the City Plan. The amalgamation of these two plans represents a whole-of-Council commitment, across every service area and function at Council, to improve the health, wellbeing and livability for our community.

Wyndham City’s vision for a healthy, livable city is a place that:

  • Is future focused and plans for sustainable development
  • Embraces diversity and is welcoming and inclusive
  • Consists of connected, vibrant neighbourhoods that provide for the cultural, social, economic and recreational needs of the community
  • Encourages a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Supports the diverse educational needs of the community
  • Empowers the community to lead

For more information, or to join our stakeholder mailing list please contact the Senior Community Engagement Officer on 9742 0777 or

The Strategic Indicators for the City Plan

The Strategic Indicators for the City Plan and the Liveability and Wellbeing Indicators for Wyndham show us how the community is fairing and what we need to focus our resources on.  These sets of indicators will be regularly monitored and updated, they are available by visiting Community Profile.

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