Wyndham Integrated Transport Policy and Strategy

Wyndham City has completed its first ever Integrated Transport Policy and Strategy to guide its approach to the most pressing concern for residents in Wyndham – transport and traffic.

The Policy identifies the shared vision and goals of the community when it comes to transport and traffic concerns, while the Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy (WITS) provides the details on how these goals will be achieved.

In the WITS, there is a ‘Wyndham Target’ linked to each Policy Statement as an indicator of what Council will do to achieve the vision and goals of Wyndham residents and businesses by 2040. Under each ‘Wyndham Target’ sits the relevant programs, actions and associated timeframes to achieve the target.

The WITS also recognises that many of Wyndham’s future transport improvements will require a significant advocacy effort over the lifetime of the WITS to secure State and Federal support, and a fair share of funding for essential transport infrastructure.

The Wyndham Integrated Transport Policy and Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy were adopted by Council on June 27, 2016.

If you require further information in relation to the Policy and Strategy, please contact the Transport Planning Team at integrated.transport@wyndham.vic.gov.au

Draft Wyndham Cycle Strategy

Wyndham City is seeking your feedback on the draft Wyndham Cycle Strategy, which is intended to replace the 2011 Bicycle Network Strategy.

Two documents have been provided:

  1. The draft Wyndham Cycle Strategy - The document is open for consultation. The draft Strategy does not contain Maps, the Implementation Plan, Standards, Monitoring Our Success, and Appendices as these will be added to the final version.
  2. Cyclist Feedback – This document is a detailed list of all the issues raised by cyclists so far with the cycle network in Wyndham. This was used to inform the draft strategy.

Feedback can be provided to: 

Feedback is open until Monday 22 May.

Western Metropolitan Regional Trails Strategic Plan

The Western Metropolitan Regional Trails Strategic Plan ‘West Trails’ seeks to improve the quality and usage of regional trails in Western Metropolitan Melbourne over the next decade.

The key objective of the West Trails project is to determine ways to improve the regional trails network in Western Metropolitan Melbourne by identifying current and future demand, existing trail infrastructure; trail gaps; trail extensions; new trails; required upgrades and signage. Recommendations are also made on the standardisation of trail width; materials; and signage and associated infrastructure / landscaping.

West Trails provides a possible trail management model that can function across municipal boundaries and marketing opportunities. West Trails also seeks to build inter-municipal agreement and cooperation to deliver a connected and consistent regional trail network across Western Metropolitan Melbourne.

Read the Western Metropolitan Regional Trails Strategic Plan

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