Governance is the process by which decisions are made and implemented. Having good processes generally leads to better outcomes for Council and the community.

It also leads to better decisions, held Council meet its legislative responsibilities and importantly provides an ethical basis for governance.

Election Period Policy 2016

The Election Period Policy is a requirement of section 93B of the Local Government Act 1989 (‘the Act’) and has been developed to ensure that Wyndham City Council’s local general elections to be held on Saturday, 22 October 2016, and subsequent elections, are conducted in a manner that is ethical, fair and equitable and are publicly perceived as such.

Download - Election Period Policy 2016

Councillor Code of Conduct

Wyndham City Council is committed to good governance and ethical behaviour as a key ingredient of responsible, effective and accountable local government.

To assist Councillors in understanding their role and in meeting legislated requirements, Wyndham has revised its Councillors Code of Conduct.

The general purpose of the Code is designed to assist Councillors to understand how to act professionally and how to maintain the highest standards of conduct when executing the duties of Councillor.

The Code is also designed to generate the highest level of confidence by the community in their elected representatives. The Code provides specific rules of conduct for dealing with issues should they arise and dispute resolution processes and procedures.

The Councillor Code of Conduct must be reviewed within twelve months after every general Council election.

The revised Councillor Code of Conduct was adopted by resolution of Wyndham City Council on 7 February 2017 in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989.

Along with the Councillor Code of Conduct 2017, the Governance Local Law 2013 including the Meeting Procedure Protocol 2014, the Governing Wyndham Framework 2014 (the Framework) is a key governance policy document at Wyndham.  This Framework forms an ‘umbrella’ of underlying set of ideas, principles, agreements and rules that outline how Wyndham has conducted its governance historically. 

As adopted in October 2013, and as subsequently amended by Council on 22 September 2014.

For further information, contact the City Governance department on 9742 0777 or email

Geographic Naming Policy 2017

The Geographic Naming Policy has been developed to provide a consistent approach to geographic naming requests and ensures that all Wyndham features, localities and roads are appropriately named whilst preserving its history. The policy identifies the key considerations for Council when deliberating on geographic naming requests.

In observing this policy, Council aims at all time to act in a manner consistent with the naming rules. In selecting appropriate names, Council will endeavour to create a “sense of place” and to honour and observe the local character of the relevant geographic area. Council will also aim to honour heritage and historical connections to the relevant precinct and select names consistent with identifiable historic naming trends in the local precinct.

Download - Geographic Naming Policy 2017

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