Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy 2018

The Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy 2018 provides a framework to guide the growth and change of residential areas in the City of Wyndham.

Extensive consultation with the community on the Strategy occurred between January and March 2017. Over 250 submissions were received raising a wide range of issues about the impact of the Strategy on neighbourhood character, infrastructure, heritage, the environment and heritage.

Soon after the conclusion of the consultation process, the State Government made several changes to the residential zones. Some of these changes have a significant impact on the Council’s proposed schedules to the residential zones.

Council undertook a review of the Strategy in 2018 and a revised Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy 2018was adopted by Council on 7 August 2018. 

The revised Strategy includes three categories of housing change to guide the future growth and continued development of Wyndham’s established residential areas. These are:

  • Limited Change: Allows for minimal housing change due to the environmental, heritage and neighbourhood character of the area, or other significant development constraints. Future housing will predominately comprise single dwellings with some dual occupancy development.
  • Incremental Change: Allows for modest housing growth and a variety of medium density housing types which respect the preferred future neighbourhood character, or will make a significant contribution to a new, more desirable preferred future neighbourhood character.
  •  Substantial Change: Allows for housing growth and diversity at increased densities. It includes land located within the Activity Centre Zone, Priority Development Zone and Special Use Zone, as well as key strategic opportunity sites within the established, residential areas of Wyndham.

To view the Council report visit Council Meetings Minutes.

Should you have any questions about the Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy please contact Council’s Urban Futures Department on 03 8734 5488 or housing@wyndham.vic.gov.au


New Residential Zones

The Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy 2018 provides a framework to guide the growth and change of residential areas in the City of Wyndham.

In implementing the findings of the Strategy, the following zones are proposed:

  • The Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) and Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) will apply to Limited Change Areas.
  • The General Residential Zone (GRZ) will apply to Incremental Change Areas.

Where areas are currently zoned Activity Centre (Schedule 1), Priority Development Zone (Schedule 1) and Special Use Zone (Schedule 1), no rezoning is proposed to these Substantial Change Areas.

Two sites to remain in the Substantial Change Area that require rezoning are the future Mixed Use area at the north west corner of Tarneit and Sayers Road and land immediately west of the Regional Rail Link at Manor Lakes.

In addition, revised schedules have been prepared for the General Residential Zone (GRZ) and Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) to encourage new residential development to meet the five preferred neighbourhood character types, which are:

  1. Contemporary Garden
  2. Coastal Garden
  3. Garden Suburban
  4. Garden Court
  5. Rural Garden

Next Steps

In implementing the Strategy, Council is currently in the process of seeking authorisation from the Minister of Planning to prepare Planning Scheme Amendment C161.

This Planning Scheme Amendment proposes to rezone the established residential areas within Wyndham.

Once the amendment receives authorisation, Council will exhibit the amendment and invite the community to make written submissions. Exhibition of the amendment is expected to occur in early 2019.

A report will be submitted to Council in early 2019 where all written submissions will be considered. Any submission that objects to the amendment or seeks a change that Council is unable to resolve will be referred to a Planning Panel. The Panel will conduct a public hearing and report back to Council with recommendations.

Should you have any questions about the Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy and/or Planning Scheme Amendment C161 please contact Council’s Urban Futures Department on 03 9742 0777 or housing@wyndham.vic.gov.au

Wyndham Harbour Development Plan and Design Guidelines

The Wyndham Harbour Development Plan and Design Guidelines provide the overall framework for use and development within the Harbour development. 

The Development Plan sets out the general layout of the site and requirements that must be met as part of the proposed development, while the Design Guidelines provide detailed guidance for the design of buildings, including housing.

The Wyndham Harbour Development Plan (V7) and the Wyndham Harbour Design Guidelines (V6) were endorsed on 19 February 2016 in accordance with the conditional approval of Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 25 May 2015.

All development within Wyndham Harbour must comply with the Development Plan and Design Guidelines.

For further information contact Wyndham's Town Planning Department on 9742 0777.

Wyndham City Stormwater Management Plan 2015

Wyndham City Stormwater Management Plan is a strategic document that provides a review of all existing systems and processes currently in place at Wyndham City Council to do with stormwater management and Water Sensitive Urban Design practices.

It also provides a direction for Council in terms of further improving stormwater management through defining gaps and opportunities for improvement, outlining and prioritising works as well as informing Council with the latest industry best practices.

Wyndham Activity Centres Strategy 2016

Wyndham City has recently adopted the Wyndham Activity Centres Strategy 2016.

The Strategy takes into consideration the population growth, the Precinct Structure Plans in Wyndham’s north and west and provides guidance on assessing retail development applications.

Avalon Corridor Strategy

The City of Greater Geelong, Wyndham City and the State Government are working together to set the future direction for land between Lara and Werribee - the ‘Avalon Corridor’.

An expert team of planners, landscape architects, ecologists and engineers led by leading consultancy firm Hansen have been assembled to assist.

The purpose of the Strategy is to establish a strategic land use framework for the Avalon Corridor. The area is facing change in the future, with plans for new State transport links and plans for the development of Avalon Airport. It's important that we develop a plan to ensure we can respond to these changes.

The Strategy will consider a range of themes including the environment and heritage, community aspirations, movement and access, flooding and drainage and economics and employment.

For more information and project updates please visit the project webpage hosted by the City of Greater Geelong.

Urban Design Framework Plan: A Vision For The Princes Highway / Geelong Road Corridor

Wyndham City Council has adopted the Urban Design Framework Plan: A Vision for the Princes Highway / Geelong Road Corridor.

The Framework recognises the important role this corridor plays in providing an entrance to Wyndham’s suburbs and establishes a vision for how future development will contribute to a positive sense of place and community identity.

It affects land in both the private and public realm, and will be used to provide specific guidelines for Council when making decisions in the corridor.

Werribee South Boatshed Management Policy

The Werribee Foreshore Reserve, and the area for which Council is responsible, extends from the south-western boundary of the Point Cook RAAF base, to the mouth of the Werribee River on a narrow strip of land occupying the space between the high water mark of Port Phillip Bay and the boundaries of privately owned land adjacent to the coast.

143 boatsheds are located at Campbells Cove and Baileys Beach within the Werribee Foreshore Reserve. This WCC Boatshed Management Policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of boatshed licensees and states Council’s policy framework for the on-going management and control of boatsheds located within the foreshore reserve.

View the Policy

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