Wyndham City Council is seeking Requests for Tender from the market for a cloud-based Organisational Facility Booking System to manage facility and event bookings across Council indoor and outdoor facilities. This includes Community Centres, Halls, Sports Pavilions, Reserves, Events Centre, Theatre, and event bookings in public spaces.

Documents are available for download from the Wyndham City Council Supplier Portal, note that registration on the portal is required. There is no cost to register.

All enquiries relating to the works or services should be directed through the Message Forum established for this tender.

All submissions must be electronically submitted through the Wyndham City Council Supplier Portal no later than 12.00 noon (AEST) Wednesday 15 February 2023.

Late, emailed and facsimiled tenders will not be accepted. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.


Wyndham City Council

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