Desiliting D1 Drain

Melbourne Water will soon undertake works to de-silt the D1 drain so that it continues to provide good drainage function for the area.

This drain is an important part of our drainage network in this area, collecting and taking stormwater away to prevent flooding of the area.

What do the works involve?

The works will commence by Monday 20 March and will take around 5 working days to complete.

To complete the works an excavator will be used to dig out the sediment which will be left onsite to dry out. Once the sediment has dried out the dry sediment will be removed for disposal in April .

The works will be carried out between 7am and 6pm, Monday - Friday in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Local impact of the works

Residents may notice odour from the disturbed sediment as it dries out. There will be a slight increase in truck movements in and out of the site during the works.  


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