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Green Waste Collection Service (Optional)

    240L Green Waste Bin, collected fortnightly - User Pays

    Did you know that the average household bin contains on average 46% food waste that ends up going to landfill? Food breaks down slowly in landfill which releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

    This is set to change with Wyndham City’s new initiative where fruit and vegetable scraps placed in the green waste bin will be diverted from landfill and transformed into rich compost at Veolia’s state of the art in vessel composting facility in Bulla.

    From September 1 2015, residents with a green waste bin are able to place fruit and vegetable scraps into their bin. It’s simple and easy – just remember:

    1. Fruit and vegetable scraps only (no meat, dairy, bread)
    2. Please place your scraps loosely in your green waste bin - No plastic bags.

    If you don’t have a green waste bin, now is the time to order one! Visit Green Waste Collection.

    FREE Kitchen Caddy For Your Fruit and Vegetable Scraps

    If you use a green organics bin or plan to get one you can have a kitchen caddy for free!

    Kitchen caddies are a great and easy way to separate your fruit and vegetable scraps from general waste in the kitchen. You can then place the scraps in your green organics bin where they are collected and made into nutrient rich compost that is used by farmers and councils throughout the state.

    Simply complete the Back to Earth quiz and take the pledge that you will recycle your fruit and vegetable scraps to receive your free kitchen caddy.

    It is important to keep plastic bags out of the green organics bin so place your scraps in loose, or wrapped in one or two sheets of newspaper.

    This program has been made possible with the help of the Back to Earth initiative.

    For more information call (03) 9742 0777.

    To find out your garbage & recycling collection days, visit My Wyndham.

    Discover how your green waste goes from kerbside back to earth.