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Building & Planning

Before starting a new business, relocating your existing business, constructing or extending a building you may need to apply for a planning permit. A planning permit is separate from a building permit and is a requirement of the Wyndham Planning Scheme rather than the Building Act.

Time taken to process your application is largely dependent on the nature, scale and complexity of the individual application.

Most applications involve some form of referral to other expert parties and others will require the advertising of the application to nearby landowners/occupiers. The referral and advertising processes add time to the overall assessment time.

Processing time for applications can vary from as little as three weeks to as long as six months.

Town Planning Services can be contacted by phoning 8734 5463, emailing mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au or by visiting the Town Planning Building at the Civic Centre between office hours (8am-5pm, Monday-Friday).

  • Online Planning Permit Register
    The Town Planning register provides details of current planning permit applications. The register is updated daily. Note: Due to maintenance outage, the Council agenda & minutes will be unavailable from 5pm to 9pm, Friday 15 November
  • Planning Scheme Amendments
  • Planning Guidelines and Forms
    Information on town planning, including checklists, guidelines and application forms for town planning permits
  • Planning Investigations Unit
    The Planning Investigations Unit is responsible for the enforcement of the Wyndham Planning Scheme and compliance with issued Planning Permits.
  • Wyndham Planning Scheme
    The Planning Scheme consists of maps which depict zones and overlays throughout the municipality, and a document (ordinance) which refers to specific controls and policies applying to each zone
  • Wyndham Harbour
    Wyndham Harbour will be located along the foreshore of Werribee South. The world-class development will offer a unique style of bayside living and marina only 25 minutes from Melbournes CBD.