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Detailed Topics

Community Consultation

  • Wyndham’s Aquatic Strategy – Have Your Say!
  • Wyndham 2040
    Wyndham City is inviting residents to imagine the future of Wyndham. The aim is to develop a community vision, with locally driven actions that build on Wyndham’s strengths.
  • Wyndham Open Space Strategy
    The Wyndham Open Space Strategy will take a fresh look at all of the public open space across Wyndham City. Council’s previous Open Space Strategy was last prepared in 2004.

Business & Investment

  • Business & Investment
    Investing in Wyndham, Starting a Business, Support and Resources, Seminars and Business Awards

Advocacy In Wyndham

  • Advocacy In Wyndham
    Advocacy aims to influence those who hold governmental, political and economic power to implement public policies and projects that benefit Wyndham residents and services.

Initiatives, Plans, Policies and Strategies